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About The Book

Camping Wyoming is a new one-of-a-kind
Guide to Campgrounds in Wyoming

354 pages of information, direction and maps to over 400 campgrounds
from resort RV/tent parks to remote and wild, including

135 free camping areas offering
1000’s of free campsites

Camping options include:

156 RV Parks (54 horse friendly)
154 Forest Service Camps
  32 BLM Camps
  11 State Parks
  34 City or County Camps
  47 Game and Fish Access Areas

"Camping Wyoming" is a unique guidebook to great camping locations all across Wyoming. It provides detailed directions, with mileage to the one-tenth mile and 87 hand-drawn maps to aid you in finding any of these camps.

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About the Author

Michael McClure 1938-...

McClure moved to Wyoming in 1948. A brief background includes USMC (1955-1959); B.A. Journalism, Wayne State University (1967); United Press International Newspictures: (1961-1966); WSU College of Law (1967-68); Detroit Free Press (1968-1970). McClure returned to Wyoming in 1971 to free-lance. There he also worked for the Casper Star-Tribune (1983-1985) and was Public Information Officer for Wyoming Indian Schools (1985-1991).


Book Basics: Camping Wyoming

Published by:

WigRaf Publishing, Inc.
Atlantic City, WY 82520
(PO 258 • Lander WY 82520) 1st edition—May 1999

© WigRaf Publishing, Inc. 1999. All rights Reserved.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 99-93832

ISBN 1-928786-00-6 (paper back)

Text — Michael McClure
Design and photography —
     McClure Photography and Media Works • Lander, Wyoming
Map renditions, illustrations and cover art —
     Miss Emily Designs • Jackson, Wyoming
Editorial assistants —
     Geoffrey O’Gara - Plurabelle Productions • Lander, Wyoming
     Lynn Dickey - The Book Shop • Sheridan, WY